Presentations on Peak Oil


Liars or Extreme Optimists?

Oil discoveries peaked in the 1960's and have declined every decade since then, and yet these folks were recently very optimistic:

Exxon Mobil Corporation:
"Contrary to the theory, oil production shows no signs of a peak... Oil is a finite resource, but because it is so incredibly large, a peak will not occur this year, next year, or for decades to come"
ExxonMobil Advertisement in New York Times, June 2, 2006

"Rather than a 'peak,' we should expect an 'undulating plateau' perhaps three or four decades from now."

Mr. Robert Esser
Senior Consultant and Director, Global Oil and Gas Resources
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
December 7, 2005

"We in Opec do not subscribe to the peak-oil theory."

Acting Secretary General of Opec, Mohammed Barkindo
July 11, 2006